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Body care

A relaxing moment for the body & soul

Treat yourself to a massage adapted to your needs.

Swedish massageDuration: 60 min.  |  Price : $90.00
Duration: 90 min.  |  • Price: $125.00

A European technique using long strokes and kneading to the superficial layers of muscles. This soothing massage helps to improve circulation, to ease muscle aches and tension, and to improve flexibility and enhance relaxation.

Hot stone massageDuration : 90 min.  |  Price : $165.00

This technique of massage assures you full relaxation due to the warmth of the stones creating a sensation of well being. This massage will allow you to have a good night sleep. Guaranteed!!!

Japanese Facial Massage Kobiyoko (Kobido)Duration : 90 min.  |  Price : $120.00

This Japanese facial massage was created in 1472 this technique is known to stimulate the circulation all over the face, neck and shoulders as well as releasing muscle tension and has a spectacular effect in reducing wrinkles. Multiple techniques are done during this treatment, it is also effective against stress, headaches, insomnia, fatigue and eye pain. You will feel re-energize and so zen and relaxed.

Full body scrubDuration : 60 min.  |  Price : $95.00

A body exfoliation session using a body cream with sea salts and sea sand applied by hand massage that eliminates dead surface skin cells, impurities and roughness. Circulation is improved and skin is soft and renewed.

Essential oil body wrapDuration : 60 min.  |  Price : $95.00

Relaxation, detoxification and well-being
Sculpt your shape! Ask about our beauty slim program designed specially for you by Nelly de Vuyst (laboratories Belgium) Your aesthecian can provide expert advice on how to: eliminate toxins, reduce fat deposits, dislodge cellulite, reduce stress, enhance skin texture, let us guide to discover the extraordinary effect essential oils.

ReflexologyDuration : 60 min.  | • Price : $80.00

Finger pressure is applied to reflex pressure points on the feet that correspond to specific areas, glands and organs of the body. Reflexology improves circulation and creates a sensation of well being.

Ideal Protein – here’s to discovering flavours! Finally,A diet that tastes good!

Lose 3 to 7 pounds a week.
Finally, a natural, effective, and durable weight loss method.

Ideal Protein is a line of products that are delicious and nutritious. They are created with a unique formula and top quality ingredients.Ideal Protein products are also delicious and creamy. They are made with cutting edge technology in order to fill your nutritional and dietary needs. We offer a variety of instant products that are quick to prepare; some are even ready to eat.

Over 60 flavours available!

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