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    Beautiful skins begins with one of our many Nelly de Vuyst European Methods facial treatments.

    Our team of highly qualified aestheticians will identify and personalize your facial to your needs. A wide range of facial awaits for you to discover. More and more people are integrating regular facial treatments into their lifestyles and learning how to avoid premature aging of their skin.

    Among our age-fighting treatments we offer the latest technics such has: Micro controlled peeling, innovating in skin resurfacing, we also work with computerized equipment such has Compu – Lift and Dianaskin that strengthens muscles and gives you a spectacular and long lasting results for your skin. Come in and discuss with our aesthecians which treatment is right for you.

    Express Instant Glow FacialDuration : 45 min. • |  Price : $75.00

    This express version will revive your skin, give you a healthy glow and provide your skin with beautiful fresh feeling. Instant lifting effect! Ideal before a special occasion when time is a factor.

    Student Facial *Deep cleansing*Duration : 55 min. • |  Price : $95.00

    For all skin type. Eliminates dead cells for brighter, fresh looking skin.

    Back TreatmentDuration : 45 min. • |  Price : $95.00

    This back treatment is excellent to help remove dry skin, from the area of the back that is hard to reach. Your skin is left smoother and clear. Also includes a back massage to help release tension and aches. This treatment if offered to you FREE with your next specialized facial throughout the month of February 2006

    Keratolysis Enzymatic PeelingDuration : 75 min. • |  Price : $125.00

    Botanical enzyme peeling improves dramatically the appearance of your skin by reducing wrinkles and pigmentary stains. Allows serums, essential oils and creams to penetrate the epidermis and target the deep layers of the skin for immediate and spectacular results.

    Kerato-Bul’Mask FacialDuration : 90 min. • |  Price : $135.00

    Oxygenate your skin! Brightening effect with the intense hydration power of our specialized essential oils designed for all skin types. Improves blood circulation, excellent facial for smokers. Balances oily skin and tightens pores.

    Triple anti-aging Facial SignatureDuration : 105 min. • |  Price : $185.00

    Corrective and anti-aging. 3 phases intensive treatment. Excellent for mature skin. Rejuvenated, radiant complexion makes for spectacular results. This treatment is completed by one of our 111SKIN luxury masks, made from unique innovative biomedical formulas targeting the specific needs of each skin type. This mask gives visible and immediate results for a lifting, firming and brightening effect. A MUST for all skin types.

    MicrodermabrasionDuration : 90 min. • |  Price : $225.00

    Mechanical exfoliation that refines the skin’s grain and stimulates cellular regeneration. This complete facial care makes skin healthier with more vigor, stimulates and reinforces elastin and collagen fibers, resulting in a more radiant, rejuvenated and firmer skin. Excellent treatment to reduce the depth of wrinkles and fine lines and perfect for the elimination of pigment spots on the hands and face.

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